January 31, 2011

Tomorrow We Sail

May 7, 1919

Dear Mother,

Have been aboard the Blakeley all day and we will bring our sea bags over tomorrow, when at 2 o'clock she will go into commission.

We leave Sunday or Monday for Newport, R.I., but since I don't know how long I'll be there, write to Postmaster N.Y. til I send you my address -- that is, if we lay in one place a couple of weeks or so, I can get my mail at the Y or somewhere.

You can't know how sorry I am that I missed seeing Bart. I hadn't heard from her in quite a while, or I would have known where she was going to be when I was at home.

Am going to see a musical comedy tonight that has been playing here for quite a while. Ensign Boone, Chief Quartermaster Legwood, and another fellow and I were sitting in the chart room today, talking about everything from baseball to women and shows, and he said it was fine and not to miss it.

Waggie and I were going anyway -- but we had to pay $2.00 each for seats. I didn't get the new suit -- it wouldn't fit me in the shoulders, and I wouldn't buy one that wouldn't fit. I couldn't buy a new suit, for they cost 30 bucks, so will wear my old one a while yet.

Am going to write Bart before the show will stop.

Much love to all of you,
Your son,

(Postmarked Philadelphia, May 9, 1919)

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