January 6, 2011

Letter from Lou Goetting

Ed. Note: This is a letter written to my great-grandmother from a young Army man she had hosted in her home. His obituary is at the bottom of this post.

Love Field
Dallas, Texas
January 31, 1919

Dear Mrs. Weldon,

Just a line here tonight for I am really tired, but wish to send you these pictures. I'm afraid it was a little late in the day to take them, otherwise they would have come out clearer. The one of the loaded truck was taken on the same film but in the forenoon. Don't think they are half bad though, do you? Am sending films also in case you want any more prints. [Ed. note: Enclosed in this letter were eight negatives which were damaged and in such poor condition they could not be printed. They appeared to be of Mrs. Weldon and her family with this serviceman.]

Dropped Miss Neville a note the other day. Am wondering if she is going to object.

We are kept very busy now. We have to do all sorts of work on the post from morning until retreat. Sure get tired at the end of the day.

Was on the flying list today but didn't get up. Hope for better luck tomorrow.

Received some time ago your kind letter. Jesse and I phoned Miss Walker some days ago. Had a very pleasant chat and we are to visit her as soon as we can get off. Yes, we will keep you posted of what we are doing.

Sure hope you and all the rest are in the best of health. We are fine, only sometimes disgusted with things on the post here.

Please remember me kindly to all.

Lou Goetting

The New York Times, October 4, 1962 Obituaries

Saddle River, NJ, Oct 3

Louis C. Goetting, Jr., head of a certified public accounting firm bearing his name at 19 Rector Street, New York, died yesterday at Harkness Pavilion of Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center. He was 68 years old and lived at 24 Chestnut Ridge Road.

Mr. Goetting had been associated for 40 years with the company his father founded. He was also the vice president of the Manifold Supplies Company of Brooklyn and secretary of the Textile Cutting Corporation, Bomont, Inc., the Moller Products Corporation, Moller Products of Canada and Slit and Edge, Ltd of Canada.

He was assistant secretary and treasurer of the Association for the Protection of the Adirondacks and assistant treasurer of the Manhattan Rifle and Revolver Association, and the Pan-American section of the International Committee for Bird Preservation.

Mr. Goetting was a member of the Downtown Athletic Club, the Camp Fire Club of America, and the Bay Head Yacht Club.

As a pilot in World War I, he held the rank of second Lieutenant.

Surviving are his widow, the former Marguerite Kennedy; two sons, Louis C. 3d of Ridgewood and Jerome K. of Saddle River, and three grandsons.


  1. I am assuming the obit did not appear directly after he ate Great-Grandmother's food.

  2. Obviously not. The date of the obituary is clearly given in bold text as October 4, 1962. Mr. Goetting's letter is also clearly dated, in bold text, as January 31, 1919.