January 26, 2011

Up On The Ways

April 28, 1919

Dear Mother,

The ship is "up on the ways" for the last time before being taken over by the government, so we don't have to take stores aboard her today. Therefore nothing to do but lay around at our club.

Went to Wilmington yesterday -- rather Saturday afternoon, and stayed over til last evening about 7:30. I came home early because my hammock is hard to swing in the dark.

There was a gob there off the Montana who had just gotten back from hospital in Russia. He was the electrician in the landing party and was stabbed twice by a Russian before he could shoot him, therefore he rates two wound chevrons, as well as tour overseas ones. Lives in Lebanon, Tennessee, and went to Cumberland University. He said if I knew anyone who was going to Lebanon to school next year, to let him know so he could look them up.

It's warm again -- they talk about Texas changing from warm to cold in a hurry, but it hasn't anything on Pennsylvania.

Got Edwin's letter when I got up this morning and am glad he took the time to write. Will write him in a day or so.

Duncan, the fellow who used to live in Wichita Falls, is leaving today on the Biddle. She just went into commission last week. We went over and went aboard her this morning, and told her crew we'd meet them in Newport, R.I. They were in the same barracks with us for a while. We ought to leave the yard in two weeks for Newport, so may meet them and play them in baseball again.

Hope I have a letter from you when I get back to the barracks. Ought to, since none came Saturday or Sunday.

Give Bart my love; I wish I could be there -- and more love for the rest of you.


(Postmarked Philadelphia, April 28, 1919)

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