January 4, 2011

A Short Trip

Navy Yard
January 27, 1919

Dear Mother,

Well we went to Wilmington after all, and I'm certainly glad I did. Had a wonderful time and Whiteside's people are certainly nice -- and you ought to see his sister. She is just about your height and pretty -- oh, my! How should you like to have a daughter-in-law?

We aren't going down next Saturday on account of lowness of funds, but after the 5th we will go down again. It only costs about 45 cents to go down on a trolley, and last time we ate and slept at John's aunt's. She is about 60 and looks like Grandma, but is a regular sport.

If I shipped over [Ed note: Ship over = re-enlist] I would have to ship for 4 years. I've decided I can't stay that long, for there isn't enough money in it. I must pay you what I ow you as soon as possible, and I don't seem to be making much headway in the outfit. Besides, I want to start in and save some for myself. If I could get $150 a month for a year, I could save over 500 beans. That would be a start anyway. May need it -- can't ever tell!

After tomorrow I'll know whether or not I'll get on the Blakeley. The Lt. Commander is coming down and I'll talk to him. If I get off the detail, I'll try and get a discharge. I don't know what excuse I'd put up -- better just tell them I have a good job waiting for me, and that they don't need my services any longer -- which is true. The main thing is getting off the destroyer detail.

Am going to sleep tonight early as I was up late getting back to the Yard from Wilmington. I've been in one more state anyway.

The weather has certainly been great the last two weeks, and I hope it stays so.

Got your letter this morning.

Lt. Ray was out to see me yesterday when I wasn't here. He left me a note with his address on it, so after payday I'll look him up. It's a week off and I guess he will wonder why I don't come up sooner, but I don't want to go out til I have a little money anyway.

No, I don't shoot craps -- I play penny ante once in a while, but couldn't win or lose enough to make any difference one way or another.

Give my love to all the rest.


(Postmarked Philadelphia, Penn., January 28, 1919)

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