January 16, 2011


March 31, 1919

Dear Mother,

Just got pardoned so am now out of the sick bay. Had to argue with the doctor, but I didn't have any fever and as I told him I was needed badly, he let me out without holding me til he was sure I wouldn't get sick again.

Am feeling all O.K. now and rather enjoyed lying in bed for a while.

Got a letter from Grace H. who is spending her mid-term vacation in Bridgeport, Connecticut, with some girlfriends. Another letter from you came, written on the T, and you said you hadn't heard yet -- you should have, I'm sure.

I hated to leave Edwin on the corner like that, but I know he didn't really want to go. Say who is the man? I know he is a barber, but have forgotten his name.

It's been as cold as the dickens up here -- wind all the time. I surely hope it warms up a bit in the next few days for it's decidedly unpleasant.

Don't think I'll go to Wilmington this week, even if I didn't get to go last weekend. John is going down so I am not going to impose on them by going down, as a cousin of Dot's is to be there too.

The pictures were fine and I'm going to take them with me the next time I drop down. They can't have them though 'cause I want them.

The Blakeley makes her trial trip Friday and I certainly hope she doesn't strip her turbines again, for I want to get aboard and get settled, so I can try and get out.

Love to all the kiddies and more to you and Father.

Your affectionate son,

(Postmarked Philadelphia, Penn., April 1, 1919)

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