January 3, 2011


League Island Navy Yard, Philadelphia
January 23, 1919

Dear Mother,

No letter today -- don't know what is the matter with the Post Office people here, for am sure you are writing oftener than I hear.

Am enclosing two small (regulation) flat "bonnets" to the two girls -- all I could get without paying $2.50 a piece. The belt is in the package too -- am sorry I haven't your handbag ready, but I haven't gotten the new cord yet. Of course I'll get soft silk cord of some kind -- a bag made out of fishing twine wouldn't look very good.

It's raining steadily this evening -- quite unpleasant although it's warm enough.

Got out my Kodak book today and spent about an hour looking at it. I have two or three old letters from you. I had burned the others. Wish I had kept them to read when I can't hear from you.

Am certainly glad that all the kids made such good grades in school. They are certainly beating my record.

Haven't gotten the snapshots we took just before we left New London -- have written Hughes to send them though.

My love to all,
Your loving son,

P.S. One of the caps hasn't a band on it -- as soon as I can get a hold of one I'll send it. If you don't like the band, take it off the other one and let them wear them plain. If you will wash the uppers to make them soft, the hat will lay over like the girls like to wear them better.

(No postmarked envelope -- letter enclosed in package)

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