January 30, 2011

Last Splurge

National Catholic War Council
Service Club
May 6, 1919

Dear Mother,

Am in town -- I just got back from Cramps' shipyards where we tested out the tubes before the ship goes off the ways tomorrow morning.

Last night Wagenseller and I gave each other a farewell party since we are to leave without him. They transferred him to the USS Cole.

Am going out to that fellow's house tonight and look at his suit of clothes. I drew 25 bucks this payday; of course, Wagenseller and I spent a good bit last night. We had dinner at Boothby's and went to see a show at the Schubert Theatre that cost $1.75 apiece. It was a darn good show and I'm glad I went. I can buy this suit for 20 dollars, I'm sure, and can borrow a few dollars from John to tide me over. I don't mind borrowing from him because he was overdrawn once and didn't get paid for a month, and we got along all right til he could pay back what he had borrowed.

You had better write all my letters from now on in care of the Postmaster New York - USS Blakeley, and be sure to spell BLAKELEY right. Am sure we will be in Newport in a week or so.

Can't write much today because I am going to be out at that fellow's house at 6:30. Will drop a line tomorrow.

Love from,

(Postmarked Philadelphia, May 6, 1919)

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