January 5, 2011

Nothing To Do

Navy Yard
January 29, 1919

Dear Mother,

Nothing else to do this afternoon except sleep, so I am taking advantage of it and writing a few letters I owe.

We had an exam this afternoon by Chief Legerwood and considering that I'm not rated a Signals Quartermaster, I did very well. He said I could even change my rate from Listener to Signals (which is an advance) in a short while if I practiced.

Can you still spare the Kodak? If so, I can get some good pictures with it when we go into commission -- and can you still get pound paper like you used to get in Bowie? I can't get any here, and don't want to pay for a fancy box of stationery.

I didn't get to bed early like I wanted to last night. I let them talk me into going up to the Recreation Center to see professional vaudeville. Am glad I went though, for it was a good as Majestic dope.

Weather still continues to be moderate and it looks like we won't have any winter at all. The thermometer hasn't been below 40 for over a week.

There is absolutely no news, for I don't go outside the Yard much. Went over to the Kenawba this morning with Johnson Whiteside -- he was on that ship in the war zone for 15 months.

Now I think I will be sent on the Blakeley even if I don't ship over, which I won't do. I won't go across, but may put into southern waters some before I get my discharge. This Navy life isn't half bad, though.

My love to all of you,
Your son,

(No postmarked envelope.)

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