January 19, 2011


April 14, 1919

Dear Mother,

Haven't heard in two days from you but suppose I will by this afternoon's mail.

We had bag inspection just a little while ago and my bag had all it was supposed to have in it. It should have, for I've drawn enough at the small stores to more than keep it filled.

Have been playing basketball a great deal lately, and we have a pretty good team on the Blakeley. Have played the crews of the Jacob James, the Breckenridge, the Biddle twice, and Sunday morning we played the pick of the 7th Battalion. We haven't lost a game yet. As soon as we get aboard, we get suits and baseball shoes, as well as playing gear, from the ship. Am playing very well and am pretty sure of making the team when the athletic officer makes the final selection.

Whiteside and I went to a dance and free supper at the Historical Society Saturday night and had a good time. The people who were there were of the very best families and all had to be invited to attend.

The society building itself is a gray stone building on the corner of 13th and Locust Streets, and is beautifully furnished inside. Uniforms were the fellow's pass, and we were met by doormen in dress suits who took our coats and hats. The men and women were in full dress. Dinner was a continuous service affair, served in the larger dining room, consisting of sandwiches of all kinds, salad, ice cream and cake, and coffee or lemonade. The dancing floor was just off from the dining room and dancing went on from 7:45 to 11.

My idea of why we haven't put the Blakeley in commission yet is because the skipper wants to keep out of the big review in New York on the 16th of this month. Now that we can't go to Cuba, I don't care when we go aboard. It won't be long, however, because the ship has been accepted by the government already, just waits for the captain to say the word.

I found a note in my pea coat pocket to Katherine that I had forgotten to put in a letter I promised to. Tell I am sorry I neglected it, and will write her sometime.

Love to all,

(Postmarked Philadelphia, April 15, 1919)

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