January 10, 2011


February 19, 1919

Dear Mother,

Just got back from the Recreation Center where I saw some good professional vaudeville put on by the Jewish Welfare League. They get Keith's best, and have them come out and entertain. The Y has only amateur musicals and the like, and they are very poorly attended.

Am at a standstill with my affidavit. Nothing can be done for a while, but the first time they will let me see the skipper of the Blakeley, I'll talk to him about it.

There was a big draft yesterday for Hamburg, Germany, and I was on the list until they found out I was standing by for the Blakeley, and they took my name off. Am glad I didn't get to go, for it would have meant at least six months across. The fellows are going to take over a bunch of German vessels.

The ink ran out in the pen so I had to fill it with a different color.

No letter came today, so I suppose you sold thrift stamps like you thought you would.

There is a rumor out that on account of changing paymasters, we won't receive our pay this payday and will have to wait til the 5th of next month. If they do, I am going to have to wire for a few dollars again. I don't mind being broke for a few days, but when it comes to two or three weeks, it's pretty bad.

Have never seen Ray, although I went up to his hotel one night but he wasn't there. I am going up again after payday.

Won't write much this time as it's time to "retire."

Your loving son,

(Postmarked Philadelphia, Penn., February 20, 1919)

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