January 15, 2011

Influenza Again

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
March 29, 1919

Dear Mother,

Another letter came from you today, and you hadn't yet heard from me, but by now you have at least two letters I'm sure.

Don't know whether I ever told you how fine the lunch was or not, but it was "Jake and a half" -- I can tell you. Made fast friends with an aviator lieutenant by giving him a chicken sandwich and a piece of cake. And it saved me lots of money because I didn't have to buy any meals on the train.

Haven't been on liberty since Wednesday and am not going out this weekend. Why? 'Cause I can't. You think I'm broke, don't you? Wrong! I'm not -- but the old admiral is now spending his time cheering up the hospital patients. Yep! Got the flu again, but ain't sick a bit. Fever stays just about a hundred, just enough to keep me here. On the sly I believe they want to keep my learning young countenance here for the sick fellows to laugh at. I came down Thursday morning to get a little medicine, and the darn fools threw me in bed, and I'm not up yet. If they had just let me alone I'd have forgotten I felt bad in a day or so. Here I've wasted three whole days merely lying in bed and reading.

They are having big storms up here -- cold, and the wind has been blowing a gale for about 30 hours.

Am glad to hear Father is feeling better than he was when I was there.

Don't know when I'll get out now that I can't find a relief. If I could get someone to take my place on the ship, I'd probably have a chance to get out, but I can't find anyone. I really want out now. Maybe I wouldn't if I hadn't gotten the furlough.

Excuse writing but am writing in bed and in a hurry too, as the lights go out at nine in here.

Love to all,

(Postmarked Philadelphia, Penn., March 31, 1919)

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