January 13, 2011

Second Furlough

Western Union Telegram
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
March 8, 1919
6:30 a.m.

Leave this morning on furlough. Get there Monday on MK&T. Heywood.

League Island
March 24, 1919

Dear Mother,

A fine son you have -- not to write until now. To tell the truth, I did write Friday but never finished it, and besides I've had to work every day. Saturday morning I had to stand inspection until 10:30, and then come back to the barracks and have bag inspection. [Ed. note: Bag inspection was also called "Junk on a Bunk," an inspection of clothing laid out on the bed or floor.] Went on liberty at two o'clock and went to Wilmington on the three o'clock train. Had a good time and ate good eats, but after being at home, it doesn't seem as nice a place as usual.

The trip back wasn't so bad -- there were four soldiers, three marines, and three sailors on the Pullman, so we got quite well acquainted.

After we left Ft. Worth we didn't have to change except at St. Louis -- didn't get to see Williams because I lost his address.

Got here Wednesday night all O.K., and stayed all night at a service club and reported in early Thursday a.m.

The Chief just came in and said he would get me out of going to the working parties every morning, and go back to practicing signals like I used to. I hope so, for I got my hands blistered Friday afternoon marking points on 2" x 4" lumber for stakes to make a boardwalk.

We were supposed to go aboard the ship tomorrow, but on her trial trip they stripped the starboard turbine, and now it will take til about the 15th of April before she goes in. I am going to talk to Commander DeTreville as soon as I can see him, but he hasn't been in camp since I've been back. After being at home, I want to get out but I don't know when I'll get to.

Got to stay in Dallas from 9:30 - 1:30 -- not very long, but got to see them anyway.

Will write again tomorrow and will try to keep up my end of the writing. Have only gotten one letter from you, though, since I got back. Love to all of you. Tell Ed and the rest to write.


(Postmarked Philadelphia, Penn., March 224, 1919)

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