February 1, 2011

Anchors Aweigh

May 10, 1919

Dear Mother,

This is the first opportunity I've had to write since we went aboard, for we have had some work to do, but it's about all done. We are supposed to shove off tomorrow (Sunday) at 9 a.m., but when I was on watch on the bridge today, I heard the skipper say that unless the fog lifted he would be afraid to chance it, since he hasn't completely tested his compass. It's been raining for two days now, and I had a 4-hour watch last night on the bridge. Of course I had on oilskins, but still it wasn't exactly comfort.

I rate liberty tonight but am not going since liberty for us is up at 12 o'clock.

Got Father's check last night and I certainly do thank you for it. Of course I won't cash it until we get somewhere where we will be long enough for it to go through the bank and back to me. I'll save it anyway til I get a chance to buy a good suit [Ed. note: a new blue uniform, not a civilian suit].

Can't tell you all I want to because I must hurry back aboard -- just came over to take a bath. We haven't very roomy washing quarters aboard.

Have been aboard since Wednesday and like it fine, even if we do have to work harder.

Will write tomorrow if we don't get away.

Love to you and Dad,

(Postmarked Philadelphia, May 10, 1919)

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