January 12, 2011

A Letter From Dorothea Russell

Ed. note: This is a letter to my great-grandmother from Mrs. M. Russell, who had hosted my grandfather in her home.

Dorothea G. Russell
722 East 11th Street
Wilmington, Delaware
March 4, 1919

Dear Mrs. Weldon,

Perhaps you are wondering what strange personage is now writing to you, but allow me, in order to save you from any bewilderment, to introduce myself to you as "Weldon's" adopted sister, "Dot." Just plain "Dot."

Mother received your letter, and you really do not know how much she appreciated it. She has not been feeling at all well, and that is why she has not answered. She is going to do so soon.

Now to the important factor -- your son. It is almost useless for me to try and tell you how much we enjoy having him with us, and you need not instruct us to put our arms around him, for we just could not do otherwise. We all really love him. I have accepted him as a brother, and he really seems like one to me. Of course, I have to advise him as to what I think best (being one year and a half his senior, I think I know a lot more), and he does what I tell him, and very willingly. We have lots of fun here, and the Sundays that he is not here, I miss him a good deal.

He and Sara are very much in love with each other, and I like to kid them, for I have been in love so many time myself, that it seems funny to me now, and I can see the laughable side, while they still take it all very seriously. However, if Weldon were ever to describe me, I feel sure he would tell you that nothing ever does worry me very much. He also teases me for my independent way, which he thinks funny.

There, I have wandered off on the "ego" side of it, and I really did not intend to. Please pardon it, but speaking of "Weldon" reminds me of so many things.

Please write to us, for we surely did enjoy your letter, and even if Texas is rather a long walk from here, a letter and an occasional glimpse of your son, seems to bring us closer together.

Please give my love to all of your other children, about whom I have heard a great deal.

Most Sincerely,
Dorothea G. Russell

(Postmarked Wilmington, Delaware, March 5, 1919)

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