November 15, 2010

Still Waiting

San Pedro, California
October 12, 1918

Dear Mother,

Saturday night again and we are still confined in camp. Our bunch sure struck it unlucky -- just two liberties and then quarantine -- and all the eastern camps are in the same condition so they are sending very few men. It's bound to break sometime though, so we'll go then.

The officers are trying to make it as easy as possible on us, for we didn't have Saturday morning parade, although we had to get into spotless and neckerchiefs, and have roll call.

Hope you get the shoes O.K. for Donovan. I forgot until too late to insure them. Just happened to think that they were insured when they came out here. Hope Donovan gets more action and learns more about sports.

How's Elizabeth now? I suppose when this letter gets there she will have started back to school. The schools in Los Angeles are closed on account of the epidemic of influenza -- also motion picture shows and the like. The fellows certainly miss the "Y" and K of C -- they pass out paper or I don't know what we'd do. They have put up a bunch of volleyball and basketball courts. I always though volleyball was a girls' game, but when played by fellows who used to have teams like basketball teams, it is just about as strenuous.

Our company started to have its picture made, but it's hard enough to get them together officially, let alone when no one is in authority, so they just put it off and we didn't get it taken. I'd have like to have had one. A photographer comes out to camp twice a week and takes pictures. I'm going to wait and get a good one in L.A.

Will send another copy of The Reservist home. My friend Lee Cross made the letters of the heading this time.

Didn't get a letter from anyone today, but then I'm lucky in being able to get one practically every day -- some fellows don't get them but once a week, although they will stand in line every day and be disappointed every time.

Would sure like to be able to walk in home tonight. If they send me through Texas as I go east, you must certainly meet me. I'll try to find out the way we go and see if they won't let me off for a day or so, although I doubt it.

Had a trip out on the bay in a 40-foot steam launch today -- quite a fast boat even if it's small.

Tell Edwin and Donovan "the Boss" said to keep that new car shined up til I can come home and decorate it with Navy blue. Tell the girls to act nice, and you'd better have Donovan take a bath, and make Edwin clean up the yard after he gets through helping you. Report to me when they get through and I'll have something else for them to do. Tell my pa to write me.

Love to all of my family.

From son,

(Postmarked San Pedro, California, October 14, 1918)

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