November 16, 2010

Monotony Part I

San Pedro, California
October 14, 1918

My dear Mother,

We go on mess duty for a week in Goofie Camp. There aren't enough Goofs left to run the camp so they now feed part of our ship's companies in Detention mess hall. Think of going on for a week. I thought a day at a time was bad enough.

As I didn't get a letter Saturday am sure the morning mail will bring one -- I couldn't get mail on Sunday either.

Went on another trip in a steam launch yesterday -- out to the lighthouse and then back down the harbor, past Pedro to the Standard Oil pier, and then back to camp. We got out of camp anyway -- and looked on several civilians, which is a decided help as it breaks the monotony of looking on whites and blues all the time.

It sprinkled a little this morning, but although it's still foggy it's stopped raining.

Haven't time but for just a note this morning but will finish later today sometime.

Your loving son,

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