November 28, 2010

Mail Call Redux

Pelham Bay
November 5, 1918

Dear Mother,

Got four letters from you, including one forwarded from Pedro -- also heard from Donovan, and Katheryn Thomas.

The camp talks nothing but liberty and the end of the war. A fellow who shipped to the receiving ship at N.Y. telephoned that 5 transports which left day before yesterday were back in port today -- called back with all soldiers on board. That looks promising, doesn't it?

The pictures of the Lt. and you and the Bowie girls were kindly received and stuck in my album along with the ones I got the other day. I haven't had a chance to get a picture made. It can't be in my whites for it's not the uniform of the day. If they catch us in whites they make us scrub barracks. I'll have one of these darn poor snapshots made as soon as it clears up again. It's been raining for ten days.

Am going to write Aunt Pat my new address and foot size -- wool socks will be appreciated. I never got a letter with Jesse Parish's address in it. I suppose it was lost. Makes no difference now anyway.I'm too far away. Am writing this between times so it can't be long. I'll write Katheryn a birthday letter tonight although it'll be late -- if it wasn't so far I'd bring her some little thing.



Dear Mother,

Had to wire for money after all my resolutions to the contrary. But my money has run low -- I've been running along trying to make it last til I get paid but it won't work, for they put off our payday again.

I'll have my picture taken when I get father's telegram and my 39 hours liberty. I should have done it when I had cash on hand -- if the government ever pays what they owe me I'll be fixed up.


(Postmarked New York, New York, November 6, 1918)

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