November 12, 2010


San Pedro, California
October 8, 1918

Dear Mother,

Feeling better this morning, and they have let me put on my clothes and sit out in the sun for a while.

The coast defense guns about a quarter of a mile out on the breakwater have been practicing again this morning, and every time they shot it makes my empty stomach wobble -- but in about 30 minutes I get my first meal in three days, so I'll certainly appreciate it. The gunners started again just now, so I had to run and watch where the splashes hit around the moving target.

I got two letters from you yesterday and one this morning, also the magazine. Although they have lots of books and papers here, they are all old ones. Now over at "the ship" -- at the Y.M.C.A. -- they are newer. I haven't finished reading the Field and Stream and will make it last until tomorrow night, when I'm supposed to get out.

Heard from Kathryn Thomas yesterday.

Am glad Roy was buried as Lt. Lilbard instead of just a private -- I didn't think he'd been commissioned.

What color is the new car -- and what size? You didn't say. It was quite a shock just to hear it was a new one, but tell me all about it.

There is nothing to tell for there isn't anything happening in isolation camp -- longer letter next time.


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