November 2, 2010

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San Pedro, California
September 19, 1918

Dear Mother,

Waited several days before I got a letter but I got your card from Jacksboro a while ago.

We aren't out of Goofie Camp yet -- and no telling when we will be -- however, not later than Saturday, for 1500 new fellows come in next week. The reason we aren't out is because we only have 225 fellows in camp; the others have gone over to the main camp.

Be sure and tell me if anyone I know joins during the period of enlistment, for several might come to San Pedro. I got the letter from Julius, but he didn't send his address, so when I write I'll send it to his mother and let her forward it.

We certainly have had to work hard this week -- this is our third day on guard (our Co. D) and we carry a gun eight hours a day -- from 10 til 12 in the morning, 2 til 4 in the afternoon, and 4 til 8 a.m. Get up at 3 o'clock, so for the last two nights I've only gotten a little sleep.

I cut my thumb with a razor blade yesterday but it feels fine today after the doctor fixed it up.

If the boys aren't using my football shoes or if they aren't sold, I wish you'd send them out here, but if they're in use, don't send them.

The submarine base has some baseball team -- almost all of the fellow are big leaguers who have recently enlisted. Babe Ruth (Father will know who he is) will be out here soon. The Subs beat all the good teams out in this part of the country -- but football and baseball are played at the same time out here. A new Goofie who just came in was on the California State Champion football team last year.

The commander of our company just came around and said unless something happened we would get out today, but I won't believe it til they order us to put on our blues, so I won't be disappointed if we don't get out.

I made out $10,000 insurance to you yesterday.

I washed yesterday so all my clothes are clean, including the whites I have on.

Will write as soon as I get back from liberty.

Your loving Son,

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