November 29, 2010


Pelham Bay
November 6, 1918

My dear Father,

Am in the city on liberty. I got your telegram this afternoon, and when the fellow wrote out the word fifty I could hardly keep from crying to think you had sent so much money when Mother didn't even get a present from me. I will certainly send part of the money back. I had no idea you would send over ten or at the outside fifteen, or I'd have specified what amount. I feel mean -- positively like a "no good" for taking money like a beggar. I'll get paid on the 20th so will send back part if not all. I don't see how a fellow could make a habit of wiring home as some do. Did you think I was shipping? The war situation has practically stopped shipments, but if it doesn't end in two weeks am sure we will start leaving camp again.

Love from your most affectionate son,

(Postmarked New York, New York, Grand Central Station, November 6, 1918)

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