November 23, 2010

Grand Central Terminal

October 15, 1918
Saturday, 2:00

My dear Mother,

Have just come to town to get our sea bags. We have had liberty every night except the first now because we haven't had bedding. They only gave us until 8 o'clock tonight to get back in camp with them, so we only have 4 hours in New York.

Sad news -- and by sad news you can be sure I mean it -- I was so disappointed I almost cried -- I failed to pass the first exam for listeners. Of course I have one more chance to make good, but not for a week at least. Only 5 out of our 12 passed the exam here this time, but I've made up my mind I will pass the thing next time. At least I hope so.

Last night Richards took Boone and me out to Mrs. Hurley's again. She had made a big banana cake and we had grape juice -- another good time before we are again restricted liberty. I think today is the last time we will be out for perhaps weeks.

New York is full of sailors who are off on leave from their ships in the harbor. Pelham is still restricted so none of them can come to town. I don't like here nearly so well as San Pedro, although you can learn lots more. If I don't make the listeners am going to try and get in a bot as soon as possible -- however, if I'm at sea by Christmas I'll be doing well, for that will make only 4 months in training.

You can't tell how I miss your letters. I am sure homesick and I haven't been much before. I feel lost among these strangers -- but I'll make it when your letters start coming.

Love to all of you.

Your loving son,

(Postmarked New York, New York, October 25, 1918)

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