November 19, 2010

Postcards From The Train

Postcard from Los Angeles, October 18, 1918

8:30 pm -- Leave L.A. at 9 o'clock for N.Y. City -- Pelham Bay Park -- can't come by Texas -- go by way of Santa Fe to Chicago, and then over. There are 12 of us, and all are in the Red Cross Canteen at the station, where they gave us lunch tonight. Will write every day wherever I am.


Postcard from Ashforks, October 18, 1918

Needles -- on the line between California and New Mexico. Have just finished a fine meal and still have 15 minutes to stay. There are over 20 sailors on the train so you may be sure we will have lots of fun.

Love, H.W.W.

October 19, 1918, Friday afternoon
Somewhere in Arizona

Dear Mother,

Just set our watches up one hours -- rather those who own one did, so we will get supper earlier than we thought. When I wrote from Needles I said it was on the line between California and N.M. Just wanted to let you know I'm not that ignorant -- just didn't want to erase it or scratch it out.

We ate lunch at Kingman and I don't know where we'll eat supper -- but it's 4:25 so will soon find out. The train switches off just before we get to Texas and we go on up through Colorado, and up to Kansas City, so won't get to see you at all. We lay over several hours in Chicago before leaving for N.Y.

Can't write on account of the movement of the train -- I meant to telegraph Aunt Hattie but we don't go by Maricopa.

This part of the trip is somewhat monotonous because I've been over it, but wait til I get past Colorado -- I'll stick my head out of the window. Am certainly glad I went to California instead of Great Lakes. I've now seen the Pacific and will cross over a bunch of states going across the continent. This trip alone is worth the enlistment. Can't write so will close.

Love, Heywood

Postcard from Albuquerque, October 19, 1918

Just eaten breakfast at Albuquerque -- it's cold as can be. We all have our pea coats on. The Red Cross gave us some handkerchiefs and postcards. They are fine, those Red Crossers.


Postcard from Newton, Kansas, October 20, 1918

Stopover here for a few minutes. Ate breakfast at Hutchinson, Kansas. The Red Cross are still furnishing us with eats and cards.

Love, Heywood

Postcard from Trinidad, Colorado, October 20, 1918

We ate supper in Trinidad. We don't go through Denver or I'd have telegraphed the Walkers -- have their address. It's now almost dark and pretty cold already. Will write tomorrow.


Postcard from Kansas City, no date

Have had 2 1/2 hrs leave in Kansas City. Just got back to the station. Leave in 15 minutes. Having a grand time. Get to N.Y. Tuesday at 3:30. Will write.


Postcard from Chicago, Illinois, October 21, 1918
To Katherine Weldon

Leave for N.Y. at 2:30 -- weather cloudy and cold. How are you getting along in school? Write your big brother sometime. I'll send you my address.

Bud (Heywood)

P.S. You notice I scratched out something on my card -- I thought we left right away, but we lay over for 4 hours. We sure are lucky on this trip.

Postcard from Elkhart, Indiana, October 22, 1918

Have just eaten supper here and are again on our way to N.Y. The country is certainly beautiful up here. In Kansas frost was on the ground, but now everything's green again. Get to Buffalo for breakfast.

Love, H.W.W.

Postcard from Buffalo, New York, October 22, 1918

Dear Mother,

We have two hours here in Buffalo before we again change trains for the city -- our pea coats couldn't be done without for it's really cool. We are at a Red Cross Sailor's and Soldier's Club, where they feed you for very little money. Will write all about my trip when I get time. Must hurry if I want to eat with the rest. We get to N.Y. at about 7:30, then must go to camp at night.

Love, Heywood

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