November 10, 2010


San Pedro, California
October 5, 1918

Dear Mother,

Had intended writing again but not only is camp under quarantine, but they have closed the Y.M.C.A. and K. of C. -- so we couldn't get paper yesterday -- but today the K of C fellow handed out some paper through the window.

Am still sick -- seems like everything they give me makes me worse. The bad part of it is I'm not very sick -- just a lingering kind that worries. I ate today for the first time in a long time again. But the doc said this morning I ought to feel all right by Monday. I haven't influenza but just a sore throat and dizziness. If you were scared I wouldn't even tell you I was feeling bad.

I'm only going to let this be a short note. I got your letter written on the 30th this afternoon.

Will you send my sweater and things before I go to N.Y.? Have you got one of those old silver chains that used to be on the girls' silver lockets? We have to carry our keys around our necks -- also our identification tag -- and as our collars are low, string looks bad, and they won't let us leave the station like that. I can buy one here if you haven't one, but if it's not in use I'd sure like to have it.

Will write tomorrow.

Love to all of you.

Your loving son,

(Postmarked Long Beach, California, October 6, 1918)

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