November 5, 2010

Rainy San Pedro Day

San Pedro, California
September 27, 1918

Dear Mother,

Have just been to the P.O. and got your letter written on Monday, and as I got five at one time the other day, I suppose I've gotten them all.

Am in good company. By that I mean we get out of special detail work (like shoveling dirt) oftener than all the others put together. That's because we can drill pretty well and have lots of pep, so the officer in charge says. We have the honor of guarding Exposition Park for a week -- on 24 hrs. (guarding only 8 of the 24 however), then on liberty 24 hrs. Certainly hope nothing comes up to keep us from going.

While we were in Goofie, Gordon Standifer ran around with me a good deal. In fact he does yet, but he's in a different company now. From the first a fellow named Lee Cross and I have stayed together in all formations and hung around each other's tents. He's about thirty-three years old and is a commercial artist. I saw several of his paintings in an art studio in Los Angeles and they certainly are good.

The YMCA is the only thing -- entertainments all the times, and good ones at that. After the people from L.A., who were giving the entertainment last night -- we had a movie, Jack Pickford in Tom Sawyer. It's several months old but I'd never seen it, and it sure was fine. The reason the fellows enjoy the moving pictures so much is because they know the kind of pictures to get here. We never have any "sob stuff." Had a western play the time before this.

They feed us lots better here than in Detention. You can go back as many times as you want to and have your plate refilled -- and they give you sugar in your coffee and oatmeal. I ate three bowls of breakfast food this morning -- wouldn't have it but two or three times a week, so we all take advantage of it.

I sent you two papers printed here -- both old ones, but one had my name in it as an arrival in camp. I'd like you to keep that one.

Well? Of course, I'm as frisky as a stick horse. Never felt better. If the rain stops I'm going over and take a dip this afternoon -- that sure makes me feel fine.

Will continue with every day or so -- be sure and send my albums.

Your Loving Son,

(Postmarked San Pedro, California, September 27, 1918)

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