November 16, 2010

Monotony Part II

San Pedro, California
October 14, 1918

4 Hours Later:

Got three letters from you and one from Father this morning, and the note from Katherine with the chain -- it's the very thing, and you mustn't send the other for I'll not take everything the family has. Got the sweater also -- rather the package. I haven't had time to open it for have been working in mess. We are now off from 1:30 until 3:30, when we go on til 6 o'clock.

Amy Forrest's married life didn't last very long -- naturally I am very sorry to hear of her death, but I won't write. I don't think it's my place.

I'm feeling fine -- never felt better than I now do, so you mustn't worry about me. Just keep the other two boys from being bumped off in football.

Tell the girls I'll write them in a day or two.


P.S. Excuse writing -- I am scribbling on my legs.

(Postmarked San Pedro, California, October 15, 1918)

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