November 26, 2010


Pelham Bay
November 4, 1918

Dear Father,

Just got your letter -- also mother's with the pictures -- and they were good.

Our restriction on liberty will be lifted Wednesday afternoon, so I'll get to leave for 40 hours. The treasury is rather low but I ought to get paid tomorrow so won't have to telegraph for financial aid, unless they count Election Day as a holiday and refuse to pay off. They do on the slightest pretext. If I do wire, it will be there before this reaches you.

It has rained mistily all day long but hasn't turned cold again yet. We hear there is another draft going out, but of course that's not official so we can only hope. I did so want to see service before the war was over, but suppose that can't be now that things look so promising. At three o'clock this afternoon all the whistles in camp started blowing -- that was when Austria was to have signed armistice terms. And to cap that, the liberty orders came over and the whole camp was cheering and singing.

Haven't heard from Grace Hapgood, but I'm sure I will as I wrote her my address. Also wrote Ruth Healtam tonight. If you hear of any of our soldier friends going to New York, let me know. I might be able to see them.

If I wire, don't send but just a few dollars, for I'll get paid in two weeks if not this one.

Love to all of you -- hope business keeps growing.

You affectionate son,

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