November 7, 2010

On The Waterfront

San Pedro, California
September 30, 1918

Dear Father,

A letter from both you and mother this morning, so am doubly lucky.

We have been out on the bay all morning in twelve oared boats taking seamanship drill -- pretty hard rowing the heavy boats, too, not like a light row boat. While we were out we saw a submarine come slowly out of the water -- and when we came back, we stopped for a few minutes at the new destroyer that's lying at the pier. It has eight torpedo tubes and four guns, and believe me, it certainly looks business-like.

Quite an honor to be selected for a speaker for Texas, I'll say. When do you start out to make speeches?

Am glad Edwin has made the football team. The sub base here has a good one, but the Reserve Force team (the one I was going out for) seems to have broken up, although they have between 4 and 5 thousand men to choose from. So I guess I'll have to give up hopes of playing. The men from "the Ship" aren't allowed to try for the Sub team.

Got a letter from Miss Jettie this morning and she says Jack Younger is somewhere in California, I expect San Francisco.

We can't tell how long we are quarantined for, but hope it's not through this week. Everything is guesswork, for the officers surely don't give out anything.

Hope you make a success of your speeches, as I'm sure you will.

Love from

(Postmarked San Pedro, California, October 1, 1918)

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