November 11, 2010

Influenza Redux

San Pedro, California
October 6, 1918

Dear Mother,

Have advanced since yesterday morning -- although right now I feel better than I have in the past four days. Yesterday afternoon your son got sicker than nine hundred dollars, so they grabbed me and to the hospital I went. They have fed me up with medicine in the shape of pills and capsules. They're strong pills -- and they feed large meals consisting of a bowl of condensed milk and a cup of coffee. They said if my fever is down tomorrow -- by Tuesday -- I can get a real meal.

My fever was 103 degrees yesterday and only 101 today, so I'll soon be O.K. It's influenza, but not Spanish influenza. There are very few Californians sick, but lots of Arizona and Texas fellows are afflicted by the climactic conditions. In fact, the fellow who is in the tent with me is from Temple, Texas.

Will write again in the morning.

Love from

(Postmarked San Pedro, California, October 7, 1918)

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