November 13, 2010

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San Pedro, California
October 10, 1918

Dear Mother,

Am still resting in peace and watching the army officers, who come over from Ft. McArthur, training the fellows from the sub base in infantry drill.

The reason why my writing is so poor is because both the "Y" and K of C are closed until the quarantine is lifted, so that by avoiding gatherings they may keep the sickness from spreading. Am now writing on a box and as my "desk" is lower than the chair I'm sitting in, it's quite a job.

We saw a very tame football game yesterday between the Polytechnic High School from L.A. and about the third team from the sub base. The Subs won, naturally, about 30-0, even if they did not use their smartest men.

You didn't send my football shoes, did you? I have never gotten them and couldn't use them if I had them here -- could only ship them back, so be sure and keep them for Donovan. The Naval Reserve won't have a team and they won't let us try for the Base Team.

You can't imagine how we hate to sit here and do nothing. But they have many more sailors than ships now, so suppose we'll just have to stand it. They don't train us in seamanship drill. I don't know a bit more about handling a boat than I did when I left -- and all I knew then was to grab an oar and pull. However, I know infantry drill quite a bit, and would make a good corporal in the army if all of them give out and the army needs more.

Sorry Wichita Falls H.S. didn't win from Henrietta the other day. I suppose it's like the team that was here yesterday -- nothing but kids -- the rest have gone to war. Edwin is pretty good and since most of the big boys have gone, it ought to make him that much better player. He'll hold his own I'm sure.

I don't know when I'll leave for N.Y. -- hope in the near future for I'd like to make the trip before it gets cold.

Am sure I'll get a letter in the morning mail, for I very seldom miss a day and I surely look forward to them.

Love to all of you.

From you Son,

(Postmarked San Pedro, California, October 10, 1918)

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