November 18, 2010


San Pedro, California
October 17, 1918

Dear Mother,

Things happen in a hurry here. Day before yesterday I was in a seaman company on mess duty, and today I'm a Port Guard. I was drafted in early yesterday morning and went on duty immediately -- will be on duty until Friday morning at 8 a.m. Then off until Monday morning. Fire drill -- will have to finish later.

Well, wouldn't that jar you -- after fire drill I was called on the quarterdeck and my bayonet taken away, and was told I was in a draft of Listeners leaving for N.Y. City -- Pelham Bay Park -- at 5 o'clock this p.m. Had no idea I would be called today -- things certainly do happen swiftly. Ewell Boone is going too, so I know we will have a fine trip on the way up or over. Don't know which way we go -- whether by Texas or Colorado or Frisco -- by the time you get there you will know however. I'll telegraph if I am going through Texas, not if I can't.

Must hurry, there is lots to do before 5 -- it's 12:05 now.

Got a letter from Aunt Katie Gault today.

Have had my two stripes instead of one put on my blues, so feel stuck up.

Love to all of you,

P.S. Will tell you what I would have had to do if I'd stayed in Port Guards in next letter.

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