February 8, 2011

New Orders

USS Blakeley
New London

Dear Mother,

Have just gotten back from playing a game of baseball -- before that we all went swimming. It was 90 degrees in the shade today -- this country isn't so cool in the summer I'm thinking. A fellow took a picture of a bunch of us, and if I can get one I'll send it on.

New orders came to us today -- we are to get new provisions and be ready to shove off for France by the 10th of June. I'm hoping and praying they don't put me off the ship because I'm not a 4-year man. Of course, it's not certain but that's what the skipper said we would do if nothing else happens. Be at Philadelphia by the 6th, and then across. There is no telling ow fast they change their minds in any matters. Yesterday they thought they were going to Hampton Roads, and now all that's been changed, so they may send another order along and we won't go. All but a few of us have been over long ago, but they would all like to go b ack for a couple of months or so. If I am to go, I'll wire you when I leave.

We aren't working at all now, and won't til Monday because tomorrow is a holiday, and comes Saturday and Sunday. Haven't turned our hands for two days already -- just lay around and read or sleep on deck. We put up our awnings and that shades almost the whole ship.

Whiteside jumped ship -- that is, he went on liberty when he didn't rate it, and now he will get some form of court martial. It's not as bad as it sounds, for they give them for a little of nothing in the Navy. He may lose a bunch of his pay however, and that's pretty bad.

Will put two postcards in this letter instead of mailing them.

If I get to go with the Blakeley, I'm satisfied, and if I don't I may get out, so it may turn out all OK anyway -- can't do anything but wait and see.

Will write again when I get definite news.

Love to you all,

(Postmarked New London, Connecticut, May 30, 1919)

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