February 26, 2011

A Letter From L.C. Goetting, Jr.

303 5th Avenue
New York City, New York
November 17, 1920

Dear Mother Weldon,

Well here we are after spending a mighty pleasant evening together all due to your very kind and thoughtful telegram. Meeting Brad here was certainly a great surprise, but only wish I had known he was here sooner. He starts back for Wichita Falls tomorrow.

Brad is going to add a few lines but before he starts in I want to thank you a thousand times. You surely are mighty nice and believe me it is appreciated.

I find Brad has gone to another desk to write so will continue.

Sunday I was at Plainfield and found a lot of your old letters you had written to Jess and me, and also those to me only. It sure was a pleasure to read them again. I also have your verses which you sent Jess and me a copy of, and was pondering over them the other night in my room.

This is by no means an answer to your last letter. We'll answer, that's just a little later.

With many thanks again, and love to all of you,
I am as always


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