February 4, 2011

On The Sound

New London
May 17, 1919

Dear Mother,

Mess is just over and since it's raining I'm not going ashore. We played some Coast Guard cadets baseball this afternoon before the rain, and they beat us. However, we will try them again before we leave.

We went out yesterday in the sound and finished testing out the listening apparatus, and came in about 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon. We tied up to a dock instead of at the buoy [Ed. note: mooring buoy, set in deep enough water for a big ship like the Blakeley].

Whiteside went to New York today, and I promised him I would stand his watch tomorrow, so won't go out. Really don't care to as there isn't anything on earth to do here.

Had an 8 p.m. to 12 a.m. watch last night, but I slept in til nearly 7:30 this morning so am not very sleepy. Playing baseball has made me one real tired "feller" tonight so am going to flop early on that account.

Didn't get a letter from you today but suppose a bunch will come all together. Did get one yesterday with the clipping about Father in it?

We will be here at least a week longer -- they are going to put another listening device in the forward oil tank, and that will take almost that long.

There isn't any news to write about as long as we lay in here, but I'll try to keep up my end of the correspondence.

Love to you all,

(Postmarked New London, Connecticut, May 19, 1919)

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