February 13, 2011

On To Malta

US Naval Forces
European Waters
At Sea, June 25, 1919
En route to Malta

Dear Father and Mother,

Left Gibraltar Monday morning at 10, and are supposed to get to Valleta harbor, Malta, this afternoon at 4, and after staying there a day or so go on up by Italy to Spalato, Austria. We may make an Italian port on the way, and I hope so.

I dropped Miss Jettie a letter just before we left Gibraltar -- wish I could get your letters -- but I'll just sit down and read them all when they do get here.

Dewey Wright comes over often, or rather he did before we left. She (the Blakeley) has rolled quite a bit this trip, but my "stummick" is getting sea going, and unless we strike some unusually rough weather, I think I'm all OK.

You can't imagine what fine weather we are having -- five sunny days, but the thermometer very seldom gets near 90 -- usually around 75 or 80 degrees in the shade.

They skipped this last payday, but I didn't go strong on my last pay, so still have some money. Am glad I didn't cash you $20 to buy a new suit, for we wear whites mostly, and even when we wear blues my old suit will do for this neck of the woods. you ought to see how they dress. They have every kind of people here in Malta from blooming English to black Moroccans with bare legs, skirts, and fez's.

Am not having a wonderful time over here, for there isn't anything to do, but am enjoying the trip anyway. It might be said that Heywood Weldon was making a pleasure cruise in his B---.

Will write again before we leave Malta.

Love from son,

P.S. Excuse writing but she is rolling a bit.

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