February 2, 2011

Salty Dog

Newport, R.I.
May 12, 1919

Dear Mother,

Have just tied up at the dock and the gunners mates are getting ready to take on torpedoes. It is unofficially reported that we leave tonight for Boston, but we may go to New London, Conn. We left Philadelphia yesterday at 9:20 a.m., and it's about 12 o'clock now so didn't make such a fast trip. I was pretty sick last night for a while, but feel all right this morning. If we go to Boston right away I know I'll get seasick again, for my stomach still feels "wobbly."

Am writing this aboard as we don't get liberty here, and will mail it by giving it to someone on the dock.

Am going to take a bunch of pictures and send them to you. We have big leather knee-high boots, and blanket coats with hoods, so you can imagine how we look.

The weather has certainly been bad the last four days, and now it's turned as cold as the dickens and the sky is still thickly overcast. Am not used to life aboard ship yet but I think that within a month I'll be a "salty dog."

May be able to get a relief at New London but I doubt it. There is no telling when I'll get off. As soon as I get ashore I'll write a regular letter, but can't do it now since I've got to go on the bridge in a few minutes. Will now go out on the dock and try and get this mailed.

Your loving son,

(Postmarked USS Dixie

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