February 19, 2011

A Fine Time

Venice, Italy
July 25, 1919

Dear Father and Mother,

Our stay here was extended so we will be here over Monday. There is a two-day leave being granted, starting tomorrow morning, for us to go to to the battlefront -- Piave section under the supervision of a YMCA man. Of course we pay our own expenses, but that won't be much. Am on watch tomorrow so can't leave until early Sunday morning, but can make the trip all OK then.

I had to cash your check -- the chief yeoman aboard cashed it for me and he is going to get the money for it when we hit the States. I got the executive officer's endorsement so he is sure of his money -- anyway, I could have gotten it cashed at Cooks here I think.

We are having a fine time here, and to tell the truth I would like to stay here a couple of weeks longer before we leave -- Spalato is a bum place.

There is to be a dance at the Y tomorrow night and all the girls will be American. There are three Y girls who have been over here two years running this place, and they give dances and the girls from neighboring places come down -- canteen workers, Red Cross -- and they say they have good dances. Am going to get ashore if I can get relieved of my watch.

Have bought several things over here to take back with me. Got you several pairs of gloves and certainly hope they fit. Gloves are dirt cheap, nice kid, for 8 lires or about a dollar. You can't very well get them in the States for that.

Went over ashore today and had another good feed. They sure know how to cook here compared to the other places and always the best of service.

Have had no mail since we have been here, and there is a rumor that they have stopped sending our mail over because we are going back soon, but rumors are easy to start.

Went down to Lido to the beach today and had a swim, but the air is much cooler here than farther down the Adriatic.

Our watches are getting easy. There are only two American ships here and one English one, so there is very little signaling -- all we have to do is watch for boats coming alongside.

You ought so see the motor boats they have here -- all kinds running around all the time -- built almost like automobiles and varnished up to a million. All the people own them instead of automobiles. I can't say that I see what they could do with a car if they had one.

Give my love to Grandma and Grandpa when you write.

Your affectionate son,

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