February 28, 2011

From Shawnee

Fidelity Building & Loan Association
Shawnee, Oklahoma
July 7, 1922

Dearest Mother,

Your last letter rec'd last night and I'm hoping I get another when I get back to the hotel. Have finished my work here in Shawnee and will go to Konowa tomorrow, and then back in the city for Sunday, and new assignments next week.

Edwin promised me he would write me but to date no letter has shown up -- ask him why.

Woke up this a.m. and it felt like fall it was so cool -- however he sun has come out this afternoon and it's warmer.

Was walking down the main drag yesterday and who should I meet but "Skinny" Staggs. I hadn't seen him for about six years and consequently we did not know each other -- just got in a conversation as we were nearing the hotel. We both went into the cafe to eat and sat down together; then he introduced himself and I told him my name and asked if he wasn't Brad's brother "Skinny." He is selling something out of Dallas. Also saw "Ish" Clarke, and old friend of Earle's from Hillsboro and Dallas.

Went swimming for a long time at Belle Isle on the 4th, as my shoulders are now well. However I have about given up hope of being entirely all to the merry, for I now have a fever blister on my lip -- am battling same with camphor so may win out!

Hope Katherine won out in her swimming event, and am sorry Elizabeth couldn't get into her event.

Love from your son,

P.S. Address all letters from now on to office at Okla. City. H.W.W.

(Postmarked Shawnee, Oklahoma, July 7, 1922)

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