February 25, 2011

A Letter From Grandmother

[Ed. note: I have no idea what this letter is about, but it was so amusing that I include it with the rest of the correspondence. The author is either his maternal grandmother Mary Jane Rider Walker or paternal grandmother Sarah Finley Hobbs, both of whom lived in Texas.]

At Home
June 30, 1920

Dear Heywood,

Am writing for information concerning Edith Wade's annual. When the boy came for it, did you give it to him? He was here a few minutes ago, and said he did not get it. Grandpa was going to give him Earle's, but I told him I knew you gave the boy hers. You know here book had her name in it. Please, my "Romany Sunshine", answer me at once. Granddad still grunting, all the rest well. Don't take typhoid while at home. I see there are a great many cases there. Am in hurry. You better come home to supper this Eve. -- going to have fried chick.

Lots of love

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