February 20, 2011

A Letter From Edwin

Ed. note: My grandfather had two younger brothers, Edwin and Donovan. This letter was written to their mother when Edwin was working in a oil field after high school.

Somewhere in Texas

Dear Mother,

I wrote you yesterday and though I have received no mail will write again.

I was in a hurry when I wrote as it was right before dinner and I had to hurry to avoid the rush for chow.

The work today was not so hard as yesterday's, and I believe I am going to be able to stand it better after this. But for goodness sake don't think of sending Donovan out here. He wouldn't last a day. Needn't tell him so, but it's the truth.

The boarding house is as good as cam be expected. They have about the same thing all of the time, however. I sure do get dirty. The first day I couldn't get a bath, but yesterday I went up to the so-called bath house, and swiped a hose off a derrick and took a bath. It's just a shack without a top where you can connect a hose. I am going to take another bath as soon as I finish this letter. If the hose is gone, I'll have to hook another one.

I would like to have the mandolin out here, but it would sure get broken, so don't send it.

I am bunking with a guy called Shorty, who has a Ford, and wants to make a contract by which he will haul me to town if I will show him some girls. However he is absolutely impossible as far as society goes, so can't take him up. Lots of the fellows are absolute roughnecks, but a few are all right. That's one reason why Don has no business out here. I haven't shaved since I came and I look like a bear.


P.S. Please excuse dirt but everything is dirty! E.W.

(Postmarked Wichita Falls, Texas, August 1, 1919)

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