December 18, 2010

School's Out

New London, Connecticut
December 14, 1918

Dear Mother,

Our course is finished -- all we have is one more oral examination and then we will be sent somewhere else. If I'm not recommended for repair school, I'll be away from New London State Pier before the 20th. The best in each squad is sent to repair school for a week more, but am not at all sure I'm the best. Anyway, I now have the two red chevrons, a mariner's wheel embroidered in white silk, and a white silk embroidered eagle on my right sleeve, and from the 20th on will have an increase in pay.

Am enclosing a few more pictures and have more being developed of our crows taken the other day.

Naturally I had to pose for my picture behind the forward gun. In the picture of the crow's nest I am on top of the bridge getting a bearing on a sub with the pelorus scale. I didn't pose for this so didn't get my face in -- wasn't even supposed to be taken with the fellow in the nest. As the days are usually cloudy the pictures are dull, but perhaps we will have a good day sometime.

Got another letter from you today -- also the one from Julius. Hope I'm here and have enough dough to go up to Boston -- rather Cambridge -- to see them next Saturday.

I get a seven-day furlough Christmas or New Year's, wherever I am, but naturally won't come to Texas.

It's foggy today but we didn't have to go out because we had captain's inspection.

Can't tell you about my liberty any more, because I'm always on liberty here -- just at the station in the daytime. Since I've been staying at the Y I haven't gone anywhere much at night -- a bunch of fellows are always up in the room, so we stay in.

That was certainly hard luck to have the deuce sold, but I suppose you can get another -- however, it will take up more of the time you are trying to string out to cover everything.

I can't get the girls caps through the small stores, but they can have my word I'll get them as soon as Boone sends me what he owes me, for they are not to think their Bud will promise anything and not do it.

Hope everybody stays clear of the flu from now on. Be careful, for you can have it twice you know. Am feeling fine -- although I've lost a few pounds since I have been going out on the sub chasers. I think my seasickness is over with.

Your affectionate son,

(Postmarked New London, Connecticut, December 14, 1918)

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