December 20, 2010

Henry Ford's Eagles

New London
December 16, 1918

Dear Mother,

Just a note before bedtime -- can't write much for I must get back to camp tonight. I gave up my room at the Y today as we are to be shipped in a few days.

Tomorrow is the last day we go out on the sub chaser boats [Ed. note: Gasoline-powered, about 85' in length, resemble PT boats]. Have just been down to the far end of the pier to look at two of Henry Ford's new Eagle boats, and they certainly are beauties -- about 225 feet long, with a high bow and an all-steel, flush deck tapering down to almost the water's edge at the stern. And they are high amidships, which gives them a "bulldog" appearance. Up to the 1st of November there were only three finished and in commission. It would satisfy me if I could only get on board one of them as a listener, although I expect they are madhouses for work, just like a destroyer is. Am going to try and get a picture of them tomorrow if I can find someone with a camera.

Am sure glad you got the kiddies the dolls, even if they did cost something -- if necessary, leave some of the things you are doing for those doggone boys. I know you used to give me more than I deserved.

If I can possibly get an extra hammock before I'm discharged I'm going to send it home, as they make us turn ours in before we go home -- and I would like to have one to keep.

Got Bart's letter today as well as one from you. The main thing I look forward to when I get off the sub chaser is getting my letters from home. You ought to see the fight to get in the mail line -- today was the first day I've ever headed the line.

Love to all,

(Postmarked New London, Connecticut, December 16, 1918)

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