December 14, 2010

Graveyard Watch

New London, Connecticut
December 6, 1918

Dear Mother,

Am still on graveyard watch so continue now.

Haven't gotten seasick since the first day out. We struck the worst part of the year to go through the school, for we haven't had a day that the waves haven't broken across the deck, thereby getting our feet wet. But it won't last over two weeks longer at the outside, for then we will be through.

Ewell Boone from Dallas is leaving for home today to finish high school -- in fact, there are three out of our barracks going, and all of them happen to be from Texas. Can't say when we will get to come home, those of us who have no good excuse. They are sending lots of fellows who get ratings to Miami, Florida and to San Francisco. Hope I go to Florida for then I will be near enough to go home when I get a furlough. Might be able to get one here, but am not going to put in for it -- would cost too much to go to Texas and back.

Two o'clock -- I've just come back from making another round, and I went out on the roof. The snow is almost two inches deep already -- expect we are in for a larger one than the little we got the other day. I hope so, for it's not nearly so cold when it's snowing as when the wind is blowing, and we won't notice the snow while out on the boats. This climate is always damp, it seems, and they say that's the reason it seems so cold when the thermometer isn't down as low as some places.

Am enclosing the pictures I got from a fellow the other day. They aren't as good as I expected them to be -- but another fellow climbed up in the crow's nest and took some today, so if I can get films from him I'll send you some of these pictures.

I hear from Grace Hapgood quite often -- am sorry I didn't get to see her while I was in New York. She leaves for home about the 17th. In her last letter she said something about Bryant Edwards being run over by a truck, but didn't know whether it killed him or not.

Haven't heard from Julius since I got his letter asking me to meet him in New York.

Rene Richards and I saw Charlie Chaplin in Shoulder Arms tonight. I had a chance to see it twice before but wouldn't do it because there was more to do -- here it's different.

The night before that I took a shower and swim at the Y. Will go up again tomorrow night.

Did Robert Thomas join the Army? If so, what branch?

This is an uninteresting letter I know, but I had to make up for the days I didn't write.

Love to all of the kiddies and you and Father. I'm certainly glad the rest are up and here's hoping you don't take the flu.

Your Son,

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