December 19, 2010

In The Red

New London, Connecticut
December 17, 1918

Dear Father,

Got a few snapshots this morning, and to keep from losing them before I get back tonight, I'll send 'em now. Don't let my expressions in these pictures make you think I'm disgusted with the Navy -- there was a cold wind blowing, therefore the frown.

After all my good intentions and resolutions, I have been unable to pay any part of your $50 back, and not only that, but I must ask for more to tide me over. You can't imagine how I hate to have to depend on my father and mother when they have so much to look after already. You know I let Boone and Richards have $26 between them. Well Boone wrote from New Orleans that he would be home about the 19th or 20th, and would mail me a money order. Richards hasn't gotten across the continent yet, so for the last week I've been without any money.

I wouldn't wire you there if it wasn't for the fact that I have some shoes in the shop getting half-soles, and have not been able to get them out. As I leave Friday, I can't afford to leave them here -- shoes cost money. I am now drawing $46.50 per month, and on the 5th of January will have $25.00 coming. On account of them making us buy so many clothes to fill our sea bags, I didn't draw any pay last 5th nor will I on the 20th.

If it wasn't for the fact that our bunch that have gone through school together are being separated Friday, I would have a little from one of them, but can't ask them to trust me to send it to them. If Boone or Richards were here and had it, I could get it in a minute.

Will pay back the ten on the 5th of January, and the other $50 right along now that I get more money. Some of the fellows dropped their insurance to get the extra $6.50 per month -- also their liberty bonds -- but I didn't. By taking $5.00 out of every pay for a bond, I'll soon have enough to pay any little amount I might owe you when I come home.

Got the paper today where it said you were to be the main speaker for Wichita County -- that speaks mighty well for you. You don't know how proud I am of my "father-pal."

Give my love to the buds and kiss the three girls for me [Ed. note: His mother and two sisters].

Your son,

P.S. I was recommended for a destroyer today -- which is an honor -- hope I get on one, for they are the best for a listener. My general average was 3.7.

(Postmarked New London, Connecticut, December 17, 1918}

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