December 31, 2010


Philadelphia Navy Yard
January 14, 1919

My dear Mother,

Am not keeping my contract about writing, but the Y is so far, and I've never been over to get a supply of paper until tonight. [Ed. note: this letter was written on letterhead of Army and Navy Young Men's Christian Association, "For the Colors"].

I don't think they will ship me on the destroyer now unless I extend my services -- they don't want any of the men who have less than six months to do. I'll do just as you say about shipping over.

We practiced blinkers this morning for about an hour, but haven't done anything since then but work a little on your handbag, and read some rules of navigation QMs are supposed to know. Of course I won't need it if I get out of the service. They told us today we would be released as soon as peace was formally signed, but you know how indefinite that is. If I was sure I had six months or a year to do, I'd sign over and get it over with.

Haven't heard from you since I left New London, and it seems a much longer time than that.

I'll try to get a letter off every other day from now on. Hope I get some mail tomorrow.

I won't send the belt until I finish the bag. Kiss the girlies for me and lots of love to all of you.

Your Son,

P.S. Excuse writing. The pen had ink on it up close to the point so I have to hold it back farther.

(Postmarked Philadelphia Navy Yard Station, January 15, 1919)

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