December 28, 2010


New York City
January 7, 1919

Dear Mother,

Arrived here this a.m. by boat and will leave tonight for Philadelphia.

Went to a picture show just now and saw Under the Top -- I didn't like it very well.

The bunch has separated and will meet me this afternoon at the depot. If they aren't there it's their own fault, so I should worry if they get left. I sure hated to leave the bunch at New London, for they were the best bunch of fellows I've run across in the Navy. I have a bunch of addresses so I might be able to see some of them after we all get discharged.

There is no news to tell you much. Just saw an airplane doing stunts over Times Square.

Will write from Philadelphia.


(Postmarked Grand Central Station, New York, New York, January 7, 1919)

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