December 3, 2010

I Passed !

Pelham Bay
November 13, 1918

Dear Mother,

Got your first letter in several days this a.m. I couldn't understand why you didn't write. Yes, I got the pecans and they were fine -- almost all gone now for the fellows liked them so well. Most of the New Yorkers had never seen any. Have been getting all your letters I think. I had my picture made and they are due to arrive in camp today, so I'll send them home as soon as possible.

I passed the listener's exam and will leave for New London, Connecticut in the next draft -- all the fellows are gone now who came with me. All but three are to New London, and three are at 69th St. New York standing by to go to sea. Got by exam this time on the last test -- was all in before. I hope and believe I'll make the school, but of course there is always a chance to fail. Really don't think I'll be here more than a week.

Am glad you have gotten more nice cadets in house for I'm sure they appreciate it.

Now about that Xmas present -- don't do it! We didn't give any last year and I'm certain I can't send any this. You must not send me anything, for I know how things are and Uncle Sam is treating me all right.

Don't think the fellows in the Navy will get out in less than a year anyway. Some of the fellows who go to sea now are going to work just as hard as if they had been on a boat when the war was going on -- and they won't get as much encouragement as they would have in war times.

Have only the one blue suit, and the regulations say we must have two, so will have to get one. I think I'll put a few dollars to it and get one to fit me, instead of having one thrown at me like they do when they issue it. Even if they issue one they take it out of our pay -- it's not like soldiers' clothes. They didn't pay me Tuesday because my accounts are already transferred to New London. Seems like they are trying to make a beggar out of the "Skunky" doesn't it?

Will write Aunt Hattie about the sox today. I haven't any wool ones at all.

Will have to stop and go to chow -- that's why my writing is so poor. I'm trying to get through and eat too. Am still O.D. and not working all that hard.

Love from you loving son,

P.S. Sent a copy of Broadsides home. Don't you think it's a pretty good magazine? Didn't get Chilton's letter -- suppose it'll come in a day or so. HWW

P.P.S. If I hadn't passed the exam I'd have shipped out this week. Am sending a drawing I did while at the desk today. HWW

(Postmarked New York, New York, November 13, 1918)

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