December 16, 2010

Cash Flow

New London, Connecticut
December 10, 1918

Dear Father,

Expected a letter from you today as I haven't heard in a day or so, but none came. I can only get mail once a day because we are out on the boats from 8:30 til 5 every day. It wasn't rough on Friday so no one was seasick, but it was pretty cold. It warmed up to over 30 degrees this afternoon, but was only 10 degrees above zero this morning. I saw in a paper yesterday that the Indian summer had lasted very late this fall, and that it seemed as if it would stay warm til after Christmas -- they certainly are cheerful to call it an Indian summer.

I took a room out in town at the YMCA with another fellow yesterday. It costs $2.50 per week, so don't think I'll keep it over a week or so, but I get to sleep so much longer up there than at camp.

Am looking for a letter from Ewell Boone soon with what he owes me in it. He was discharged on such short notice that he had no time to wire home, so I lent him some to get back from New Orleans to Texas. Of course he has some -- I am sure to get it back because he is absolutely straight. Besides, the folks at Dallas know him so I could get it that way -- by getting his address from there. He gave it to me but I lost it.

I would rather be short for a while than let him go all the way home broke. I know what money means to a gob.

Haven't been able to get the little girls caps yet. If I can't get them in a week or so from the small stores [Ed. note: A store for retail clothing and toiletries sales], I'll buy them for cash uptown, but can't do that until last because the government sells them to us at about half what they cost at a store.

Am writing this before chow so I could get right to bed -- I've been losing sleep pretty regularly lately because I've been on watch, but all my watches are now over til my course is finished.

We took some more pictures today, and I got some of them so will send you some in a day or so. They were taken with a small Kodak so may not be very good.

Am expecting a letter tomorrow.

Love from,

(Postmarked New London, Connecticut, December 10, 1918)

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