October 28, 2010

Supernumerary = Extra Men

Friday, September 6, 1918

Dear Mother,

Did not have a stamp yesterday when I wrote and today I couldn't get off to get one, so will write a little more and mail tomorrow.

We had a pretty good supper tonight -- bread and butter, two hot dogs, meat loaf, fried potatoes, tomato sauce, and an apple, with coffee to drink. They always have meat and potatoes, but I like potatoes. Am feeling frisky -- my little sickness didn't hurt me any.

Had to be on guard duty today, but I got to be a "super" (don't know why they call them that), and so only had to guard from when I relieved somebody until another guard came -- but I'll have to sit up tonight from 8:00 to 12:00, and go through the same performance. However, that's a better watch than from 12 to 4 o'clock.

Tell me where Aunt Hattie was that she didn't receive my telegram and didn't get to see me -- I've forgotten her address now too.

It's nearly eight and I have to change into my blues so will stop.

It might be that I could see Price while I'm out here if they don't move all the regular Navy men. This is a reserve training camp and they may make us go somewhere else, but I hope not.

Would love to be at home tonight, but if we look at it in the right light it won't be long til I'll be there.

Your loving Son,

(Postmarked San Pedro, California, September 8, 1918)

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