October 27, 2010

The Accidental Tourist

August 26, 1918
Between Tucson and Maricopa, Arizona

My dear Mother and Father,

Telegraphed Aunt Hattie last night from Sanderson -- and hope she will be in Maricopa to meet me. We get in about seven o'clock and stay twenty minutes. I was mistaken when we got into Los Angeles -- rather our government orders were -- for we don't get in until tomorrow morning at 7:30 -- and won't get to San Pedro until about 8 or 9.

Last night we were out about El Paso and were so cool we put two Pullman blankets over us and still Gordon, who was by the windows, said he was chilly -- it was still cool until we came over Stints Pass, which is about 5000 ft. above sea level. After that it has gotten warmer continually and are glad we are going through Yuma in the night, for they say it is hot there. It is now about six o'clock so it will soon cool off again -- at least they say the desert is cold at night. We have gone for miles today and not seen a house in New Mexico.

We seem to be in a sort of valley for we can see the mountains on both sides of us -- probably 20 or 30 miles away.

I almost feel mean about getting this trip when you and the rest are suffering with the heat.

We have been with two soldiers from Kelly Field all the way from San Antonio, and they are certainly nice fellows -- aviation section -- they live in San Jose, California and one is going back in two weeks and go to Georgia in a tank company.

Will stop and try to clean up a bit in hopes I do see Aunt Hattie, although I can't clean much for I couldn't wear my white pants -- my things are soiled.

Will write as soon as possible.

Your son, Heywood

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