October 27, 2010

Homesick Already

August 25, 1918
Letter on YMCA letterhead

Dear Mother and Father,

Got here this morning at 7:30 and have just come back from getting our new tickets on to Los Angeles. We leave from a different depot from the one we came in. We checked our grips at the station so I didn't have any paper, so I came up here to write.

Wish I knew what my address would be so I could tell you and be able to get a letter sooner, but will write as soon as I find out. We won't leave here until 1:20 this afternoon -- don't know what we will do from now until then.

I suppose the boys have gone on the camp trip by now. Grandmother wants you (Mother) to come down. Derned if I wouldn't go before school starts.

Love, Heywood

(Postmarked Hondo, Texas, Aug. 25, 1918)

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